Refund Policy



Gunankana Ad network is specialized automated advertising service and are not entitled for any refund policy. So the users are requested to review the invoices before making any payment. The payment services includes the following.

1. Campaign Ads

Campaign ads includes interstitial, banner and popup ads and fess charged for such services are non-refundable.

We have prohibited members from cancelling the campaign but you can always appeal to our support team in case if you want to cancel, delete or want to pause the ad campaign. However you may not receive the refunds on deleted campaign unless the appeal is in your favour. For the cancelled campaign our team may create a new campaign for the available balance in your account if the appeal is not in your favour.

2. Membership Services

Membership services include free, professional and premium services. Free services always remain free of charge. However professional and premium services are chargeable and the users are requested to select the services carefully for the option of monthly and premium membership.


In exceptional cases we allow our advertisers or publishers to request a refund only when they make an appeal to our support team where you will be required to complete the verification procedure by providing an government ID Proof and your address proof. Support team may also ask for additional documents in case of account discrepancy. The exceptional cases can be as follows:

  1. Wrong amount charged due to system misbehavior.
  2. Network related issue during payment.
  3. Cancelling the ad campaign due to unavoidable circumstances.



Effective Date of Refund Policy: March 29, 2017.